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Jan 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
's behalf. >> california schools are digging deeper to soldther cost of special education -- shoulder the cosof special education -- cost of special education. the report shows the cost to educate a student with disabilities has gone up but state and federal funding remained flat. >>> coming up, we told you about a woman's concern about burglaries in her neighborhood, what happened today. >> and a milestone, why analysts are calling it the biggest change for healthcare in decades.
Jan 10, 2013 5:00pm PST
brown's budget calls for increased funding for education, $2.7 million more and $250 million more to the csu and uc systems. the increase is made possible by voters who approved tax hikes under proper 30. he warned the surplus could disappear based on federal actions, cutting the national debt or healthcare costs. democrats say the plan mirrors their own but they are eyeing rebuilding the social safety net. >> we are in this middle ground area, no more cuts. >> reporter: the leader of the democrats in the senate pointed january is not may. in may the governor will release his budget which we could see the surplus disappeared or see that it has grown, in which cases democrats may restore afunding to social -- funding to social service cuts. ken pritchett,. >> reporter: >> more details. the state estimates it will have a surplus of $851 million. it drops down for 2014. but then it increases to 400 million the next year. it is projected at a billion dollars for the 2016 year. >> restore. rebuild. >> after governor jerry brown announced the plan protesters gathered at city hall. this
Jan 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> we have the achievement gap here between students and i think that rocket ship education will help us close that achievement gap. >> reporter: the issue goes to the sitting planning commission tomorrow. if it's approved by both panel, it then goes to the planning board of education for a zoning exemption january 23rd. >>> a humane society worker spotted a mountain lion last night about 6:00. sheriff deputies were called out to the 800 block of portola road. but by the time they got there it appears the animal had left the area. >>> city workers worked to fill 500 sandbags today in east palo alto. shovel full by shovel full crews loaded the sandbags. they'll be placed along san francis creek tomorrow. the creek flooded last month during heavy rainstorms. >>> we are just about to start peeling some pretty big changes weather wise. let's go now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> not a rain event but cold air event. there'll be some snow flurries on the bay area peaks. but the real impact will be the very cold air and the origins of this storm. cold storm do not bring a lot of moi
Jan 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> analysts anticipate that the first big issue will be education, especially college tuition hikes. although the budget will be in better shape, he also says there is always more demands than money available. >>> assembly woman nancy skinner plans to talk about new legislation aimed the regulating ammunition. skinner says the bill will help curb gun violence and mass shootings. the bill may be heard in committee as soon as january 20th. >>> in new york city they are planning to vote on a proposal to hire as many as 500 retired police officers to stand guard at city schools. the officers would be armed and in plain clothes. the new york police department has not commentedded. >>> the man accused of opening fire inside a sacramento bar has been released from the hospital and booked into jail. 22-year-old carlito montoya got into an argument over a spilled drink and shot three people inside the bar, killing two of them. two others have been arrested in connection with the case. gunfire erupted as thousands of families were gathered nearby for a new year's eve fireworks show. >>> that new year's
Jan 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
designed to steer students towards a better qualify education. no state run colleges were effected. >>> five people were injured in new jersey when an escalator changed directions. this video shows the chaos. the escalator was going up when it went into high speed reverse. you see here several people are struggling to climb up as it goes down. many people wrote it back down and piled up on top of other people. three people were taken to the hospital. not cleared what caused that. >>> big victory, the ruling that could move sales of electric cars into the fast lane. >> this man hit it big in the lottery and died the death is b so unusual. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. . >>> tesla won a battle with car dealers in massachusetts. they thr
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5